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common records schedule


Records relating to documentation of students' academic history and provision of support services to students.


Student Records - Graduate

Consists of records relating to graduate students admitted and registered at York University. Records may include but are not limited to general information about the student, Faculty of Graduate Studies application, external and York transcripts, registration forms, course transfer forms, petition forms, change of status forms, program approval forms, grade change forms, requests to take course in an alternative graduate program forms, convocation information, thesis dissertation title page and files sheet and program withdrawal forms.

Office of Primary Responsibility

Registrar's Office

Units responsible for registrar services


Permanent (see Filing Guidelines)



Other Copies


10 years after last active session



See Also

STU40 - Student Records - Undergraduate for undergraduate student records

STU48 - Student Records - Non-degree Studies for non-degree student records

Retention Rationale

For other copies retained in Faculties: Ontario Council on Graduate Studies (OCGS) requires statistics on how long students take to complete their degree; therefore, the information kept on file after a student graduates should assist in providing these statistics for every student in the program. The quality review cycle is 7 years; FGS recommends retaining student records for 10 years.

Filing Guidelines

The basis for admission, academic history, academic awards and honours, academic discipline (when noted on transcript), degree award status and date of conferral must be retained permanently. If records other than the above have been maintained as part of the student record, weed from the file seven years after last active session.

Approved by University Secretary and General Counsel on 2008-06-20
Updated on 2011-06-07