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common records schedule


Records relating to the management of York University and unit financial resources.


Trusts and Endowments

Consists of records relating to ongoing management of trust and endowment funds administered by the University. Records may include correspondence, financial records and reports concerning the constitution, investment and use of sums of money given to the University by individuals, organizations or government for general or specific purposes.

Office of Primary Responsibility



7 years after end of use of funds


Destroy after Archives review

Other Copies


Until end of use of funds



See Also

ADG35 - Contracts and Agreements for retention and disposition of signed copies held by the University Secretariat

Retention Rationale

The Income Tax Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. 1 (5th Supp.) s.230 (4)(b) requires that books and records be kept until the expiration of six years from the end of the last taxation year.

Filing Guidelines

A signed copy of any financial agreement or debenture with a value over $100,000 or a term of 5 years or more when worth over $50,000, or that is university wide when worth over $50,000, or that is complex when worth over $50,000 shall be deposited with the University Secretariat.

Approved by University Secretary and General Counsel on 2008-06-20