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common records schedule

Administration and Governance

Records relating to the administration and governance of York University and units within the University.


Contracts and Agreements

Consists of signed contracts or agreements with a value over $100,000, or a term of 5 years or more when worth over $50,000, or that are university wide when worth over $50,000, or that are complex when worth over $50,000. Records may include contracts for goods and services, capital projects, intellectual property and gifts.

Office of Primary Responsibility

University Secretariat





Other Copies

Unit responsible for contract


Until contract superseded (for renewed or extended contracts) or until one year after contract expired or action completed unless there is a longer warranty, in which case documentation retained for length of warranty



See Also

for other copies of contracts, agreements and debentures:

ADG40 - Intellectual Property

ADG45 - Legal Advice

FIN25 - Loans, Investments, Guarantees

FIN28 - Trusts and Endowments

FIN40 - Procurement

Retention Rationale

Retention based on anticipated operational use.

Approved by University Secretary and General Counsel on 2008-06-20