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common records schedule

Administration and Governance

Records relating to the administration and governance of York University and units within the University.


Senate Tenure and Promotion Committee (T&P) - Case Files

Consists of records relating to consideration of faculty members applying for tenure and/or promotion (including advancement to candidacy) based on evaluations of teaching, research, and service to the community. Records include application forms, decision letters, letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae and supporting documentation.

Office of Primary Responsibility

University Secretariat


Permanent (see Filing Guidelines)



Other Copies

Faculties and Departments


After decision



See Also

ADG03-05 - Promotion and Continuing Appointments Committee for Advancement of Professional Librarians (PCAC) - Case Files

ADG12 - Senate Committees for retention and disposition of other Senate committee records

Retention Rationale

Retention based on current operational practice.

Filing Guidelines

The application form and decision letter are retained permanently. All other records held by the OPR should be destroyed 7 years after decision. Faculties and departments should destroy copies after final decision is made.

Approved by University Secretary and General Counsel on 2008-06-20
Updated on 2010-09-30