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common records schedule

Administration and Governance

Records relating to the administration and governance of York University and units within the University.


External Relations

Consists of records relating to the interaction between the unit and/or staff and outside institutions, associations, professional associations, programs and individuals where they can mutually benefit from information exchanges and/or group efforts, and where such efforts are considered part of the unit's and/or staff member's responsibilities. Records may include minutes, reports, joint proposals, surveys, questionnaires and related correspondence.

Office of Primary Responsibility

Unit responsible for relationship


7 years after last action


Destroy after Archives review

Other Copies


Until operational use ceases



See Also

ADG65 - Government Relations

RES50 - Research Partnerships and Cooperative Activities

STU32 - Exchange, Practicum and Internship Programs for degree-credit programs

TCH35 - Non-degree-credit Studies - Planning and Review for non-degree-credit programs

Retention Rationale

Retention based on anticipated operational use.

Approved by University Secretary and General Counsel on 2008-06-20