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common records schedule

Human Resources

Records relating to the management of academic and non-academic University employees.


Permanent Non-Academic Employee Files

Consists of records relating to the employment history of full-time non-academic employees (YUSApuY-1, OPSEU 578, IUOE 772, CUPE 1356, CUPE 1356-1, CPM and Senior Executives). Records document employment history of individual employees from initial hiring to termination and the administration of compensation, benefits and pension.

Office of Primary Responsibility

Human Resources and Employee Relations (except YUELI for OPSEU 578)





Other Copies

Unit responsible for the employee


Until terminated or transferred from unit


Transfer attendance and accommodation records to new unit immediately and other records to HR and ER

See Also

HRS34-05 - Permanent Non-Academic Employee Files - CUPE 1356 Discipline Records

HRS34-06 - Permanent Non-Academic Employee Files - IUOE 772 Discipline Records

HRS34-07 - Permanent Non-Academic Employee Files - YUSA Unit 1 Reprimand or Demotion Discipline Records

HRS34-08 - Permanent Non-Academic Employee Files - YUSA Unit 1 Suspension or Discharge Discipline Records

HRS61 - Health and Safety Programs - Case Files

HRS62 - Employee Well-being - Case Files

HRS77 - Retired Employees - Case Files

Retention Rationale

YUSApuY-1 Collective Agreement, Article 33.01 CUPE 1356 Collective Agreement, Article 25 CUPE 1356 Collective Agreement, Article 24 OPSEU 578 Collective Agreement, Article 21.07

Filing Guidelines

Discard transitory documents when operational use ceases, superseded or obsolete. Transfer relevant documents held by HR and ER to HRS77 Retired Employees - Case Files when terminated.

Approved by University Secretary and General Counsel on 2008-12-03