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Records relating to documentation of students' academic history and provision of support services to students.


Enrolment - Case Files

Consists of records relating to the process of enrolling students in courses and managing individual students' programs. Records may include course transaction forms, change of major/minor/program forms, department-initiated major changes, change of degree status forms, requests to enrol late, reactivation requests, requests for non-degree status, reactivation notification letters, alternate enrolment forms, priority enrolment forms, de-enrolment lists and letters, request to audit a course forms and cancelled course notifications.

Office of Primary Responsibility

Units responsible for enrolment


18 months after transaction



Other Copies


1 year after last active session



See Also

STU00 - Policies, Procedures, Standards for policies and procedures relating to enrolment

STU37 - Petitions - Case Files for major petitions

STU40 - Student Records - Undergraduate

STU45 - Student Records - Graduate

STU48 - Student Records - Non-degree Studies

TCH20 - Course Management and Administration for scheduling

Retention Rationale

Many of the records in this file class document a transaction. Once the transaction is complete, the result of the transaction is recorded in the student record. The result is important to retain whereas the transaction records are not needed. They are retained in the Office of Primary Responsibility for 18 months to fulfill internal and Ministry audit requirements. Records used for enrolment must be retained for at least one year after the action in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 460, s. 5 (1).

Filing Guidelines

Where these records are operationally maintained as part of the student record, maintain as per the appropriate file class of student record (undergraduate, graduate, non-degree).

Approved by University Secretary and General Counsel on 2008-06-20